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 Shifter Kart – 125cc/6-sp – CRG / Stock Honda / PTK – tall or short drivers

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PostSubject: Shifter Kart – 125cc/6-sp – CRG / Stock Honda / PTK – tall or short drivers   Fri Jul 11, 2008 12:29 pm

Shifter Kart – 125cc/6-sp – CRG / Stock Honda / PTK – tall or short drivers

Paul Tracy Kart (PTK) race team kart (2004 CRG chassis). Never raced or abused, never been in rain, no frame cracks or welds. I am moving out of state, very very sad to see it go. All excellent condition with only a couple minor scrapes on chassis bottom. Everything assembled new in 2006, only has less than 15 days ever (short light days). Engine great condition, very strong. Only the best Motul oils used. Regular gearbox oil changes, no metal shards. Never over-heated, larger radiator and pump-around-system keep it running cool. Perfect running condition, no leaks anywhere. Great setup, needs nothing.

The pedals and front porch are adjustable for tall or short riders without welding. I’m 6’3” and currently have the optional extended porch installed. Comes with two complete sets of normal and extended front porches. All bolt on, no drilling or modifications were needed.

Comes with heavy duty rolling kart stand, upgraded Ribtec seat, kart rain cover, sway bars, (2) sets of rims w/ tires, tire bead breaker, Haynes Honda engine manual, Alfano manual, gas can, oil mix measuring cup, extra spark plugs, extra sprocket, spare piston kit, neck collar, and other extra parts. Comes with two different shifter handles. Currently installed one is custom bent up for thumb-on-wheel shifting and knuckle downshifts (not the one in the picture). Already has as silencer/airbox to run at any tracks that have noise restrictions.

Comes with Alfano timing system already installed. Speed sensor, Water temp, Magnetic timing strip (and maybe G-force sensor, can’t remember).

Top-of-the-line 2000+ brakes all around, original pads with plenty of life left (no leaks at all, no bleeding needed). Both tire sets are the originals and still have rubber left. Like I said, only 15 light days ever, you’ll see by the tire wear.

Also comes with a self starting ground-level-foot-stand, gas pedal temp string, and handle-pull-strap for single-person starting/operation. This kart is fast. You’ll never outgrow it. 0-60 in 4 seconds, 100 MPH+. Excellent setup already. Fully ready for reliable fun.


Local pickup in Los Angeles only (Burbank, CA)
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Shifter Kart – 125cc/6-sp – CRG / Stock Honda / PTK – tall or short drivers
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