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 Two Inexpensive karting packages!!!

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Travis Lowe

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PostSubject: Two Inexpensive karting packages!!!   Sat Jul 24, 2010 9:32 am

The first kart is a FirstKart Monaco:
This kart has only 6 WF races on it and it won half of the races. It is a 28mm frame with a 40mm axle. It has caster pills, front bar, third bearing, adjustable ride height front and back, and adjustable width. The kart was never crashed and looks great.

Here are picutres of the kart:

The entire package comes with the following:
-First Kart Monaco
-2 Hyper Racing WF motors, freshly gone through
-RLV Kart stand
-New fuel jug
-2 sets of spare rims
-3 Burris motor mounts

You get an entire race ready package for only $2,975

The next kart is a Alex Barron Avanti:
This kart is a 32/30 and was raced two years in Rotax masters and it was actually hardly "raced" at all. It was more like driven around the track. It was converted to a WF kart and was never driven after that. The kart was never crashed and is perfectly straight. It has adjustable ride height, front and rear width, and caster/camber pills

Here are some pictures of the kart:

This is what comes with the package:
-Alex Barron Avanti
-2 Hyper Racing Engine race winning World Formulas
-RLV Kart stand
-Fuel Jug
-Mychron 3
-Ribtec seat
-3 Burris motor mounts
-2 extra axles

You can get this race ready package for only $2,950

For information on the WF motors call Hyper Racing Engines at (909)981-9611 and ask for Terry. He will tell you everything you would like to know about Travis Lowe's WF motors.

My e-mail is
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Two Inexpensive karting packages!!!
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